Mindfulness Courses

Life can be so hectic can't it?

Demands from family, friends, and work, and social media notifications alerting us constantly, means we carve very little time out for ourselves, or just to be. In fact, we can almost feel guilty of allowing ourselves such time because we have the conditioning that we have to be doing things all the time, but often what we are doing is for others. Constantly striving to please and do, can cause many problems with our mental health, such as an increase in anxiety, panic attacks, and higher stress levels. We need to gift ourselves regluar time for mindfulness so we can remain calmer, happier, and more aware of our surroundings.

Mindfulness means being present in whatever we are doing, being fully focussed. So what perfect present to give ourselves, than the knowledge of how to be present?

Throughout my sessions, I will explain through exercises and activities ways you may helpful to be present and aware, both through creativity, and how to apply it in all areas of your life.

Mindful Art Sessions

Creativity and mindfulness work perfectly together, as the art of painting/drawing/mark making can create an absorbed mind, freeing you from distraction. Ideal for beginners to mindfulness, and or/art

Although these lessons will take the form of a fun but structured art lesson, we will begin with guided mindfulness practice, and the lesson will be taught to help keep you fully present and free from intrusive thoughts. A tool such as creativity which is multisensory, it is an ideal way to practice mindfulness. You will come away from the session with a pice of artwork, new creative skills, and feeling refreshed and calm.

There are limited spaces in person to keep the space calm, so booking is essential.

Mindfulness Sessions & Courses

All sessions follow a consistent pattern:

After greetings and getting settled, we begin with a guided mindful/meditation practice, followed by reflection on the experiences of the practice. Each session has a theme which will involve exercises and discussion. Near the end of each session we discuss what to expect the following session. You may be required to practice what has been taught throughout the week, although I feel you will willingly want to do this after experiencing how it makes you feel in the session.

Why mindfulness?

There are many definitions of mindfulness, but they ultimately point to the same truth - that mindfulness is a state/condition that involveds all three of the following traits:

  1. Being fully present in the moment
  2. Awareness
  3. Non-judgement/compassion

Mindfulness is a state that can be brought into our everyday lives, and is not something that is only achieved with meditation, it is a way of life, and a mindset.

Research shows that mindfulness sessions have multiple benefits:

  • Reduced feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved ability to cope with pain and illness
  • Less worrying and obsessing over things
  • Greater appreciation of what is pleasant and enjoyable in life
  • Feeling clearer about what is truly meaningful, and living life with a stronger sense of purpose
  • Improved overall wellbeing, even in difficult times

I can’t guarantee all of these benefits will be felt by everyone, but my own experience and the research available shows that these are very common and make the challenges of participating worthwhile.

Mindfulness can have a huge impact on communities, and will help your whole life - at work, school, with relationships. and your own general wellbeing.

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