Mindful Exercises

It is so helpful to approach a creative session with a calm and quiet mind.

Try these exercises before and after you sit down to create a piece of artwork to focus and quieten your mind. Sit comfortably and relax and follow the instructions on the video to become more mindful.

Try these printable mindful sheets to help create a more mindful practise.

Emotion Wheel Worksheet.pdf Emotion Wheel Worksheet.pdf
Size : 396.732 Kb
Type : pdf
Breath Drawing Exercise.pdf Breath Drawing Exercise.pdf
Size : 59.258 Kb
Type : pdf
Present Moment Exercise.pdf Present Moment Exercise.pdf
Size : 70.19 Kb
Type : pdf
Ripple Breathing.pdf Ripple Breathing.pdf
Size : 381.01 Kb
Type : pdf

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